“Programs That Protect You”

In today’s litigious society and the pressures being put on companies by regulators, business owners and managers have to find a way to offer a safe work environement at an affordable price.

A rock solid, compliant safety program looks different for each company. Eclipse Safety Solutions, LLC can create custom tailored OSHA compliant safety programs based on your company’s needs and requirements.  No matter where your company’s safety program currently stands, we have products and services available to ensure OSHA compliance, beef up your program, or help you go above and beyond and achieve OSHA VPP status.

At Eclipse Safety Solutions, LLC, we offer the following:

  • – Consultations to help you find solutions for your safety needs.
  • – Development and implementation of a complete safety program, custom designed for your company and industry.
  • – Monitoring all of your projects, jobs, and sites for safety and OSHA compliance.
  • – Promoting safety, quality, and productivity as equal partners on your projects and company culture.
  • – Onsite, tailored training sessions offered in English and/or Spanish or both.
  • – Managed third-party safety databases such as; PICS, ISNetworld, VeriSource, BROWZ, and many others.
  • – Safeland/Safegulf Basic, Core, and H2S training.
  • – Training for approved MEDIC First Aid, including CPR and AED training.
  • – Training for complete organization on OSHA standards and workplace hazards.
  • – “Competent Person” training and certification of staff members.
  • …and many other programs

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