“Services That Save You Money”

Increase profits and become more competitive by reducing potential losses and fines, decreasing potential litigation, improving employee morale, and reducing time spent on complicated compliance.  The cost of accident prevention is less than the cost of a serious accident.

Protecting your worker’s safety, the owner’s integrity, and the company’s financial stability should be  at the forefront of every business manager’s thought process.  One of  the best ways to ensure these needs are met is engaging in a quality safety program that keep your business in compliance with OSHA and other regulators, as well as protects your company from the extravagant costs associated with workplace injuries. Save time and money and protect your company from costly accidents, injuries, dam ages, and litigation due to occupational injuries and accidents.

At Eclipse Safety Solutions, LLC (Eclipse), we help protect you and your company by implementing and offering safety programs, training, and products tailored to your company’s needs at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time safety director, along with the added costs above and beyond salary. Partnering with Eclipse on your safety needs allows you to focus on your core competencies, marketing efforts, business development processes, and customer satisfaction. You can rely on us to manage your safety issues and protect your investments, while you focus on generating business income.

At Eclipse, we have the professionals with the experience to bring you practical and effective guidance through regulatory requirements, piles of paperwork and online filings, and increased inspections. We make the complicated  less  burdensome by offering customized and proven solutions,  with multiarea capabilities and onsite presence.